Englewood Genealogical Society FL; – SIG Scandinavia meeting

Yesterday (January 19th) we had our first meeting this season. We have decided to do this group informal, no “speaches” or “lectures” – only research and help and talk about doing genealogy in Norway.

We had three discussions at the meeting:

  • Links to put out on the egsfl.org web to help people in their research.
  • Research in Denmark: one of the members has now gotten to the point that she can start her research in Denmark, I showed her www.arkivalieronline.dk and the DIS-danmark.dk webpage. She was pretty excited to learn that Danmark also (together with Norway) has their churchrecords and censuses online for free!
    • Language-barrier: Sue has bought a great Norwegian beginners book with a cd. Also I told the group about different dictionaries to use for old words we might find in Norwegian or other scandinavian records
      Otto Jørgensen’s webpage with dictionary
      is pretty good, and includes a lot of words we will find in records, but maybe not in the newer dictionaries. (this is norwegian to english)
    • NORDGEN has a dictionary that actually translates different words into english, from several languages. In the box “oppslagsord” – print the word you would translate, and you might get lucky!

Next meeting will be in March.

Oh I? I don’t know noothing – I am from Norway!

The Norway/Denmark bench – Denmark in the middle.

Next meeting we will put Marens 2 brickwalls on Slektsforum, to see if our friends in Norway might be able to help!

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