Englewood Genealogical Society FL – congratulations!

On the Scandinavian SIG ( Scandinavian Special Interest Group) meeting in March 2010, President Sue presented the new Englewood Genealogical Society FL  website ( http://www.egslf.org ) At the time  Sue and D’Ann were working on it, but now, (a couple of weeks ago) – I got my username and password, (wonderfully easy to remember) and the new web-pages looks great!

I am looking forward to our meetings – they are both fun and interesting. I am impressed by the researchers. The language-problems are huge, but they work hard and with just a tiny bit of help, they can do a lot on their own!

Looking forward to see you again, all of you Scandinavians! Also looking forward to christmas party, will bring norwegian goat-cheese and Lefse!

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