RootsTech – some memories from earlier years.

Someone mentioned 22 days to go! And it looks like kind of a “thing” to share pictures of the Salt Shaker? This is mine from last year!Some memories from earlier RootsTechs. Not too many words, only pictures with some explanations.

The RootsTech bag with all its goodies and more – this is from 2014!


Books Books Books!

The people were almost full size! Huge!

If you bring your GedCom, they print your tree while you are waiting!

Butts Family – beautiful!

Lots of activity – DNA is the big thing, bigger every year!

FamilySearch – one of their big booths!

Then – people I meet!

Liv from the Family History Library and Elaine from FamilySearch!

Cousin Karen!!

Cousin Tore and his wife. Probably a cousin from Ullensaker!

Kenyatta Berry and her book and me! She is so cute and fun and an excellent genealogist.

The view from the Restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building. Breathtaking! (taken in 2014)

I found this of our Koala-queen Alona. From Thomas MacEntee’s Birthday party – my first year in Salt Lake City!

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